Episode 111

10 Italian Sayings with Numbers That Will Impress Your Friends


October 10th, 2023

9 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

Learn these common Italian sayings with numbers and impress everyone with your knowledge of colloquial Italian!

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Today's Italian words:
A due passi = A short distance away (lit. at two steps)
Su due piedi = Off the top of your head (lit. on two feet)
Due risate = A good laugh (lit. two laughs)
Fare quattro chiacchiere = Have a chat (lit. do four chats)
Che due palle = This sucks (lit. what two balls
Che due scatole = What a hassle (lit. what two boxes)
Fare due passi = Take a short walk (lit. do two steps)
In due parole = In a nutshell (lit. in two words)
Non c’è due senza tre = Things come in threes (lit. there is no two without three)
Quattro gatti = A handful of people (lit. four cats)
Dare il cinque = Give a high five (lit. give the five)