Episode 121

How to Speak Italian (Even if You’re Not Confident Yet!)


January 9th, 2024

10 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

Get practical tips on how to start speaking Italian. In this friendly guide, you’ll learn from real people who’ve done it, despite the jitters!

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While we didn’t share specific phrases in this lesson, here are a few you can use with Italians to encourage them to help you practise speaking:
Sto imparando l’italiano = I’m learning Italian
Preferisco l’italiano, vorrei praticare = I prefer Italian, I’d like to practise
Provo in italiano, va bene? Mi aiuta? = I’ll try in Italian, is that OK? Will you help me?
Grazie per la pazienza! = Thanks for your patience
Grazie per l’aiuto! = Thanks for your help
Grazie per la lezione! = Thanks for the lesson