Episode 124

From ‘Gnocchi’ to ‘Bruschetta’: Learn to Pronounce an Italian Menu


January 30th, 2024

10 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

Gnocchi, bruschetta, tagliatelle… Italian dishes are easier to eat than pronounce! Impress your friends by learning to pronounce these Italian menu favourites.

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Today's Italian words:
Bruschetta = A starter of toasted bread with toppings (remember the hard CH sound!)
Tagliatelle = A type of fresh egg pasta in thick strips (contains the GLI sound)
Gnocchi = Italian potato dumplings (starts with the GN sound)
Spaghetti = A very famous type of long pasta (with a hard GH and double TT)
Panna cotta = A dessert which means “cooked cream” (contains a double NN and TT)
Arancini = Sicilian rice balls (the R sounds a lot like the t in the American “matter”)