Episode 132

Fare: Do you Know these Everyday Phrases?


March 26th, 2024

13 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

Vacations, weather, and your hobbies… you’ll need FARE to talk about these things and more! Learn how to use this important Italian verb.

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Today's Italian words:
Fa caldo = It’s hot (lit. it does heat)
Fa freddo = It’s cold (lit. it does cold)
Fare le vacanze = To take a vacation (lit. to do the vacations)
Fare un giro = To go for a stroll
Fare giardinaggio = To garden
Fare un errore = To make a mistake
Faccio un giro = I’m going for a stroll
Che fate? = What are you doing? (plural you)
In estate fa caldo in Italia = In summer it’s hot in Italy (lit. it does heat)