Episode 136

Quiz Time! Do You Know These Italian Phrases for Travel?


April 23rd, 2024

13 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

Planning a trip to Italy? Or just want to learn some common Italian phrases? Get by and impress Italians with these 131 ready-to-use expressions!

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Today's Italian words:
Buongiorno = Hello (formal, lit. “good day”)
Vorrei = I’d like
Vorrei un cappuccino, grazie = I’d like a cappuccino, thank you
Vorrei pagare, per favore = I’d like to pay please
Dov’è… = Where is…
La metro = The subway
Dov’è la metro? = Where’s the subway?
Un biglietto = A ticket
Vorrei un biglietto = I’d like a ticket
Quanto costa? = How much does it cost?
Un tavolo per tre = A table for three
Una birra = A beer
Lo stesso = The same (as in “I’ll have the same”)
Il conto, per favore = The bill please
Posso pagare? = Can I pay?
Posso pagare con la carta? = Can I pay by card?
Prendiamo un taxi = Let’s take a taxi