Episode 26

Dove sono le banane? How to ask for things in supermarkets


July 30th, 2017

8 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

You’re at the supermarket in Italy, but you don’t know where anything is! Find out how to ask for things at the supermarket, and learn some important shopping vocabulary in this episode of 5 Minute Italian.

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Today’s words
Il commesso = shop assistant
Mi scusi = excuse me
Dove sono = where are
I carrelli = the trolleys
Sono lì/là = they are there
Lì/là = there
All’entrata = at the entrance
A = at (also to)
La = the (for feminine nouns)
"A" combines with "la" to give us “alla” = at the
La banana = the banana (singular)
Le banane = the bananas (plural)
Con = with
La frutta = the fruit
Dov’è = where is
La pasta = the pasta
Di là = over there
Signora = madam/ma’am
Quale corridoio = which aisle?
Vicino = near
Vicino al pane = close to the bread
A = to (also at)
Il = the (for masculine nouns)
"A" combines with "il" to give us "al" = to the
Il pane = the bread

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