Episode 74

How to say "I'm hungry" in Italian


November 24th, 2019

8 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

Do you have hunger? Learn how Italians say this important (and slighly odd) phrase to make sure you never have to go without pizza, pasta or gelato in Italy.

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Todays Italian words
Ho fame = I'm hungry (lit. I have hunger)
Ho = I have
Fame = hunger
Hai sempre fame = you're always hungry
Hai = you have (spelt h-a-i, but the h is silent)
Sempre = always
Fame = hunger
Sì, ma adesso ho molta fame = yes, but now I'm really hungry
Sì = yes
Ma = but
Adesso = now
Ho = I have
Molta = lots of
Fame = hunger
Anch'io ho fame = I'm hungry too.
Anch'io = also I
Ho = I have
Fame = hunger
Allora mangiamo qualcosa? = So shall we eat something?
Allora = so/well/then (depending on the context)
Mangiamo = we eat/let's eat
Qualcosa = something
Ha fame = he/she is hungry (lit. has hunger)
Abbiamo fame = we have hunger
Avete fame = youPlural have hunger
Hanno fame = they have hunger
Ho pazienza = I'm patient (I have patience)
Ho paura = I'm afraid (I have fear)
Ho trentatre anni = I'm 33 (lit. I have 33 years)
Quanti anni hai? = how old are you?
Quanti = how many
Anni = years
Hai = you have
Quanti anni hai? = how many years do you have (how old are you).
Ho trentasei anni = I'm 36 (lit. I have 36 years).