Episode 113

Italian Prepositions Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Learners


October 24th, 2023

11 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Confused by Italian prepositions? Don't worry! Here you’ll learn them in a simple way, so you can feel confident using them in conversation with Italians.

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Today's Italian words:
Un piatto di pasta = A plate of pasta
Sono di San Francisco = I’m from San Francisco (lit. “of” San Francisco)
Il nostro hotel è a Roma = Our hotel is in Rome (lit. “at” Rome)
Il ristorante è lontano da qui? = Is the restaurant far from here?
Questo treno va da Milano a Napoli = This train goes from Milan to Naples
Aspettiamo da 20 minuti = We’ve been waiting for 20 minutes (lit. we wait “from” 20 minutes)
Andiamo in macchina = We’re going by car (lit. “in” car)
Un tavolo per due = A table for two
Vado al mercato per comprare la frutta = I’m going to the market (in order) to buy fruit
È sul menù = It’s on the menu
Una guida sulla città = A guide about the city (lit. “on” the city)
Tra due città = Between two cities
Il supermercato chiude tra 30 minuti = The supermarket closes in 30 minutes (lit. “between”)