Episode 114

Altrettanto: The Easiest Way To Reply in Italian


October 31st, 2023

7 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Not sure how to respond in Italian? Use ‘altrettanto’ to have an instant reply in these everyday situations!

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Today's Italian words:
Altrettanto = You too / same to you / likewise
Buona giornata = Have a good day
Buona serata = Have a good evening
Buona domenica = Have a good Sunday!
Buon weekend = Have a good weekend
Buon viaggio = Have a good trip
Buon appetito = Enjoy your meal
Divertiti = Have fun
Piacere = Nice to meet you
Anche a te = You too (informal)
Anche a voi = You too (plural)
Anche a Lei = You too (formal)