Episode 129

Years in Italian: Are You Saying Them Right?


March 5th, 2024

13 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

Master years in Italian with this really clear guide… and pick up a little Italian history to impress your friends!

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Today's Italian words:
Millenovecentoottantadue = 1982 (Matteo’s birth year)
Millenovecentoquarantasei = 1946 (women’s right to vote)
Mille = 1000
Duemila = 2000
Il duemilasei è stato un anno fantastico! = (the) 2006 was a fantastic year!
L’Italia è cambiata dopo il sessantotto = Italy changed after (the) ‘68
Negli anni Settanta = In the seventies
Negli anni Duemila = In the two thousands
Il governo Berlusconi è iniziato negli anni Novanta = The Berlusconi government started in the 90s
Di che anno sei? = “From what year are you from?” Sneaky way to ask someone’s age!