Episode 135

8 Easy Ways to Sound Like a Local in Italy


April 16th, 2024

11 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

Going to Italy soon? These 8 basic Italian phrases will help you do lots of practical things and speak like a local!

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Today's Italian words:
Prendo un caffè = I’ll have a coffee (lit. I take a coffee)
Prendo una margherita = I’ll have a margherita (lit. I take a margherita)
Lo stesso = The same
Prendo lo stesso = I’ll have the same (lit. I take the same)
Questo = This
Quello = That
Salve = Hello (anytime of day, semi-formal and formal)
Sono… = I’m
Sono Matteo = I’m Matteo
E tu? = And you?
Permesso! = Can I move past? / Can I come in? (lit. permission)
Posso? = May I? (lit. I can)